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Artkati painting

I have been painting watercolors for a long time, always in my own special way.

As long as I can remember, I have always loved pictures.

My parents got their first television set when I was born back in 1958.

Artkati painting

I started painting when I was 25 years old.

I used to live in New York with Michaël Patterson, one of the best watercolor artist I have ever met. Together we spent three years in New York and five years in Paris.

Michaël gave me the strength and confidence to express myself creatively through painting while sharing his knowledge on colors and framing skills.

He used to say “Art is a therapy !”

Artkati painting

Purposedly, all scenes from my paintings do not fit rigidly inside a frame. They are instead limitless and open to fantasy. What else could be hidden behind? I love the sensation of dreaming. That’s why I often try to capture night lights. I also love intimate scenes.

Usually, I start painting with regular watercolor and proceed with a mix of watercolors crayons and dry pastels to increase hues and contrast.

My favorite color is blue, indigo.

Artkati painting

I am also a movie Director and I have produced a Dvd called Intimity.

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